What is RPA? and Its Impact on Industry Verticals


Leading age can help to make our world unprejudiced more tranquil and precisely. As world is growing so faster in technologies it has an advanced mode of reaching around more than 50% of developing world’s population, only in two decades and transforming societies. These revolutions have changed the human labour force by creating new forms and patterns of work by making other obsoleted.

What is real time RPA?

Automation is the process of making a system function automatically or the program to perform high volume repeatable task due to its agility and adaptability of changing its circumstances. simply to understand RPA in three terms i.e Robotic, Process and Automation.

Robot: means any entity which mimics human action or any kind of human intervention which can be reduced in industries.

Process: it is basically a sequence of steps which leads to the meaningful activities for performing any tasks.

Automation: is the process done by any report without any human intervention.

If We combine all these three terms together then it senses like human action to perform a sequence of steps that leads to meaningful activities without any human intervention known as RPA.

Global status of RPA adoption.

If we see the countries like the China and the UK estimated that by 2030 about 26% and 10% of their GDP respectively will be sourced from automation related activities and business. There have been numerous pursuits regarding automation policy positions and the development of artificial intelligence i.e (AI) ecosystem in various countries like India and Africa in recent years.

Growingly aware of its potential have committed and created many future workforces for countries, with significantly increasing its allocation of resources for Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEMS) Talent Development. A study made by “Ernst &Young (EY) and National Association of Software and services Companies (NASSCOM)” founded that by 2022 about 46% of the work forced will be engaged in entirely new jobs. These technology development and applications are rapidly evolving with the major implication for economics and Society.

The world’s renowned theoretical physicist named Stephen Hawking claim that “The rising new era peeking through our horizon emitting powerful beams of promising future- is indeed Artificial Intelligence for our upcoming generation this can be either for our best or our worst”.

Impact of RPA on different Industry:

The impression of robots varies among different -different industries Unsupersingly the effect of robots are concentrated in following era -:

  • Business sector: Robotic automation is applied which performs speedily effortlessly and indefatigable than humans which provide better consistency with improved analytically reconciliation for multiple tasks example (CRM) customer relationship management that creates platform like chatbots which is one of the better website to provide instant services to the customers.
  • Security sector: Automatic system has broaden up it opportunities in fields to do predictive policing in countries with the help of this, one can predict the pattern of crime and analyse lots of CCTV footage which can identify the suspects easily example (CCTNS) Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System where supreme can digitalize all the crime records in one single place.
  • Defence sector: Even these Complex machines has played a vital role in field of Defence based tools which constructively supports in some areas like decision making, sensor data analysis, predictive maintenance, situational awareness and extraction security etc.
  • Medical Sector: It creates assist healthcare by providing standardized health prognosis plan with the higher accuracy and faster process which helps in improving patient health graph. Artificial intelligence are often trained to detect and monitor various side effects of medicines and disorders.
  • Education Sector: Even now a days RPA has overpowered our academics which has become a peek discussion point among IT consultancy like “Gartner & Forrester”. This field has aggressively progressed in educational process such as rewarding marks, grading etc… Thus, grants instructors as well as the students with more time which helps them in analysing and adopting to their required work at their own pace.
  • Agriculture Sector: This area are not so far from being using these tools and technologies. Greater Revolutionary has changed its utilisation and efficiency for farms machinery like weed removal, easily disease detection, harvesting and gardening income which provide stability to the community.

Robotic Technology is expected to keep expanding with an aggressive scenario still so many field are there where these AI are involved in such as a space centre, 3D painting & artist, manufacturing, mining financial, legal to strengthen the cybersecurity and many more which with the support of automation can revolutionized the whole supply chain of ecosystem. What to say about all these AI generatio.

“The More We Praise the Less It Is”!

What are the concerns with the RPA?

Being formidable applications with astounding blessing for all of us; “But there are notable unanswered questions in everyone’s mind with social political and ethical facts”. These we have to aware of the upcoming challenges faced by R P A –

  • Social Issue: The decrease in demand for human labour i.e (jobless) due to machines and intelligent robots taking over jobs from all the sector, replacement of human with the robots can lead to large-scale unemployment. Even initial investment isn’t cheap it requires a huge, being very complex machine maintenance and repair is very high even frequently upgradation is required to meet the changing environment as per the demand day by day.
  • Ethical Issue: Elevating to automation is incompatible as they do not carry emotion and moral values, they only work upon codes and program. Originality of work is at zero level as they cannot be customised. Point on security and privacy are not trustworthy.
  • Development Issues: Due to lack of enabling in environment for data collection and uses as the low intensity of research insufficient, an unavailability of expertise and low awareness this creates unclear image of AI in the minds of human.

What need to be done?

In such an era of rapid and destructive changes many question arises, will the changes in technology will be accompanied by us or not?

  • Acknowledgement of informal training institution by creating of open platform for new learning and financial.
  • Incentives for re-skilling employees, by creative ideas one can create jobs in AI field that would constitute the new service industries.
  • This is a serious problem in the present scenario one can convert this into leading opportunities through innovative measures such as (MOOCs) Massive Open Online Courses.


overall the Robotic Process Automation have a mix effects, despite the threats and challenges. It is totally wasted to deny the assert that RPA is not the future, there will be several opportunities in the field which are not yet known and there will be more jobs to serve human needs as we have a history of technological revolutions resulting in positive way.


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