Leveraging AI in EdTech to Deliver Great Learning Experiences

AI in EdTech

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an integral part of the education industry. According to research, the global education market is growing profoundly and is forecasted to increase to a whopping $3.68 billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of 47 percent during the forecasted period. Leveraging AI in educational institutes will benefit students, teachers, and administrative staff in multifold ways. Whether planning personalized online classes, automating repeated tasks, or conducting tests & analyzing results, AI software assists educational institutions save time, money, and effort. The use of AI software helps in reducing human error & bias, boosting the quality of teaching by guiding students in better understanding, customizing training modules, creating a virtual environment for enhanced concentration, eliminating geographical barriers, and providing educational support within & outside the classroom.

The Role of AI in EdTech

AI will be a deciding aspect in EdTech, shortly. Educational institutions will have to prove their worth by embracing cutting-edge AI technology and delivering the highest possible learning & working environment for their students, teachers, and staff.

Instant Learning:

Schools, colleges, and parents have been pushed to adopt digital education due to the Covid-19 epidemic. While online classes are still not AI-based, there has been an increase in demand for platforms such as Byju’s, which design modules depending on the needs of each student. Students are not required to wait for a lesson to begin or be concerned about missing a session. They can ask questions and receive assistance from real (human) and virtual teachers. Each topic has step-by-step explanations so that students can grasp the concepts quickly.

 Digital Curriculum:

The main motive for leveraging AI in EdTech is to put students’ experiences at the center. Teach students what they are likely to appreciate; Coursera has taken this approach in its way. CourseMatch is a function of the AI-powered online platform. This tool assists students in matching their campus curriculum to the platform’s courses. CourseMatch is an ML system that employs NLP (Natural Language Processing) to align online courses to those in a student’s on-campus curriculum.

 Personalized Learning Modules:

One of the greatest gifts that AI has given is personalization. The EdTech industry is also using most of these features. Teachers hardly have time to create personalized teaching methods and courses for each student. However, AI can assist them in achieving this goal. Personalized learning modules assist both teachers and students. As the students learn what they like in a convenient way, they pay more attention and score well. Teachers ensure that every student has a clear understanding of the concepts. Personalized learning also helps reduce aggressive behavior in students that stems from the frustration of feeling helpless in the classroom.


The use of Chatbots is to motivate students, provide instant feedback, and answer basic subject inquiries. Cognii – a San Francisco-based EdTech Tool – interacts with students. The platform shares feedback following examinations, encourages students when they answer correctly and provides personalized tutoring. These chatbots relieve teachers of their responsibilities by closely monitoring each student’s progress. Teachers can monitor the process and react if required, while students feel happy for the instant feedback provided by the chatbot.


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