Digital Learning Tools – A Pivotal Part of Modern Classroom


As classrooms globally made the unexpected switch to online learning in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, digital learning tools have proven invaluable. Even now, a few schools restore physical classrooms in a limited capacity, digital learning tools that may have gone underutilized in the past have resurfaced on educators’ must-have lists. These tools and trends can enhance student engagement and encourage them to immerse themselves in learning but, as with any tech-based instruction, technology is only a tool. A highly skilled teacher who supplements a course and connects learning to real life is what makes digital learning tools effective. In the physical, virtual, or hybrid classroom, below highlighted are some simple and engaging digital learning tools to try.

  1. Tech Quest: Tech Quest is a brand-new aspect that educates K-8 students on vital technology skills without requiring teachers to manage classrooms. Tech Quest is automatically assigned to every student who has a account. Students only need to go to, Clever, or Classlink to access their account.
  2. Storybird: Storybird is a creative platform for children and instructors that inspires them to create visual stories in seconds. It motivates users to improve their writing skills by providing 700+ expert-created classes, writing prompts, and more. Users can submit their work online and receive feedback from other professors, experts, and authors by selecting from a gamut of writing types. Teachers may also use the app to create interactive books that can be emailed or shared with students.
  3. Nearpod: Nearpod interfaces with other learning systems like Schoology and Canvas and allows users to build interactive lessons in minutes. Teachers may use polls, quizzes, open-ended questions, Draw It, 3D objects, and even virtual reality to create! There are also thousands of lessons from qualified instructors available online, all of which may be customized to meet the needs of any student.
  4. Mindomo: Mindomo is a mind-mapping tool designed exclusively for teachers. It tracks ideas and plans using a layout that includes attachments and several media types. It guides teachers to formulate new outlines and tactics while remaining structured and providing excellent instruction.
  5. Teachertube: Teachertube, like YouTube, is an online platform that provides educators with educational and instructional films that they can use in their classrooms or for personal development.
  6. Educreations: Record your voice and the screen of your iPad to create interactive video classes that students and coworkers can access at any time. Educreations allows you to share your videos with anyone. You may also download and save videos to Google Drive, Dropbox or share them via YouTube, Email, Twitter, Facebook, or Edmodo.

Thus, digital education and the latest learning tools bridge the gap created by the traditional classroom teaching method. It provides students with advantages like studying from any place of their choice. The fusion of technology with education makes it accessible to all by eliminating the constraints of traditional learning methods.


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