AI in EdTech

Leveraging AI in EdTech to Deliver Great Learning Experiences

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an integral part of the education industry. According to research, the global education market is growing profoundly and is forecasted...

How AI Helps in Efficient Water Management

Water is fundamental for life on this planet. Recently, however, we have taken the asset. Worried by the sudden peak in the events of...

IoT Is Every Where

The Internet of Things is an architecture of ever-increasing complexity; it is the next stage of integration of every entity in our lives, and...

How IoT optimizes production costs

With the heavy use of emerging technologies such as IoT, cloud-computing, big-data analytics, AI, virtual reality, robotics, and cyber-physical systems (CPS), industries are going...

IoT security policies based on Blockchain

Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing as the amount of IoT devices increases, so does the likelihood of security...

How IoT will play an essential role in smart cities

Modern technology and urbanization have brought about many significant changes there. Smart cities are the new name for cities equipped with state-of-the-art technology. A...

6 Technological advancements in the gaming industry

The advancement in the new technology in some way or the other is changing our daily lives. These days, we are too focused on...

Development in the drone industry

For years the demand for drones had to break down the mainstream, but it was in its development stage. The drone industry then began...

How does a drone work and what is drone technology?

The post is easy to understand, what drones are, and how drones work is answered here. Drone technology is continually evolving as innovations, and...

The future of drone technology

Start a career that changes the game with creative drone technology. In recent years, the use of drones has rapidly shifted from military technology,...

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