Best Companies To Work For 2022

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The way we work has to be one of the crucial facets of human life that have inevitably changed since the Covid-19 epidemic. Now that the epidemic has subsided, employees and companies realize that the future of work will most likely be a hybrid work model, a mixture of in-office and remote work, whenever needed. This must be a balance that benefits both sides – organizations must ensure that they are reaping maximum productivity from their employees. And employees must know their employers can provide them with the freedom to work from anywhere whenever they need it. A preferred employer brand is much more than one that offers its employees workplace flexibility. A good company is where people want to come to work every Monday morning, one that clearly defines its mission, purpose, and core values to its employees. It is a company that fosters an inclusive, enabling environment in which they can achieve their full potential both personally and professionally. Companies from all walks of life are every time working on these aspects. It is also imperative to understand how people feel about their jobs in these testing times since happy and engaged employees make for successful companies. Flexibility at work appears to be a common aspect across multiple winners, indicating the importance of this criteria in a post-Covid-19 context. Also, traits such as transparency of organization goals, growth, and learning opportunities are a few areas where several organizations are placing a strong emphasis. In this edition of CXO Exposure ‘Best Companies to Work For – 2022’, we recognized heroic companies who showed exemplary care for their employees and communities during a historically challenging period.