6 Technological advancements in the gaming industry


The advancement in the new technology in some way or the other is changing our daily lives. These days, we are too focused on modern technology. It improves our lives and makes them on a daily basis more relaxed. Even in the last few years, modern technology has shaped the gaming industry. It has made the games simple and interesting.

New technological advancements in the gaming industry :

  • Voice recognition : Too slow to get the game controller? No problem! No problem! Voice-controlled gaming has been around for some time, but the potential for using gaming systems software has finally come true. Computers can now easily identify user voice commands and work accordingly.
  • Online play: Regardless of regional boundaries, games can be used and played by the users. You may enjoy a game in any corner of the world with a friend. This isn’t interesting?. You can choose the game and play games on the other side of the world with the chosen player, which was not possible a few years back.
  • Motion sensors: While relatively new, they have opened up new possibilities for the player. Those who don’t like using gaming sticks or keyboards can use motion sensors and experience enjoyable gameplay. Motion sensors offer a great alternative that connects users with the players.
  • Wearable Gaming: Companies that started using wearable technology for fitness applications are now targeting the gaming industry. Fitness trackers, smartwatches and smart clothes dominate the wearable market, but there is also a strong demand for wearables for gaming. We have selected a few gaming wearables which will excite all gamers. They are : a.HTC Vive b.vuzix iwear
  • AR/VR: It is difficult to overestimate how augmented and virtual reality can accelerate gaming behaviors and increase user experience. Virtual Reality makes a virtual simulation of real-life activities possible and provides an immersive user experience. It makes the user feel as though they communicate with their digital environment personally. Although there are some critical concerns for AR/VR adoption, We expect a dynamic future for AR / VR gaming.
  • Cloud Gaming: Players no longer need to be limited by the amount of memory disk or console has to offer because we can stream games across the internet as easily as you stram youtube. The game lives in a data center full of servers, miles and miles away. The only thing we need to play the game is the internet.


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