5 Trusted Global BNPL Players 2022

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The pandemic triggered a significant change in how customers interact with businesses. Digital adoption skyrocketed when lockdowns and movement restrictions were put in place. Several people started buying products online for nearly everything, from groceries to apparel. Compared to cash, it encourages online transactions and helps the BNPL segment of customer lending. It recommends short-term microcredit options that let customers shop online and pay with little or no interest within a few days or weeks. Anyone can leverage this payment option on platforms for grocery, food delivery, travel booking, and some other platforms. The global BNPL market, estimated at $5.01 billion in 2021, is growing at a CAGR of 26 percent from 2022-2030. Customers can make purchases online and in person using the BNPL payment option without paying the entire transaction price upfront. The industry is expanding as a result of factors like digitization, the entry of new firms offering BNPL services for lending, rising merchant adoption, and rising repeat usage among younger

consumers. Younger customers favor using BNPL services since they may purchase expensive laptops and smartphones and make payments for stationery products, among other advantages. Customers who can use a secure payment method feel more at ease making larger purchases online. Sellers are compensated for the entire payment amount at the time of purchase, which removes all credit risk for the merchant. To gain a competitive edge by making a greater variety of products more accessible to the broadest range of consumers, an increasing number of merchants are adopting BNPL as a payment option. In this edition of CXO Exposure, we are going to take a look at a few of the successful BNPL companies from various verticals under the category ‘5 Trusted Global BNPL Players 2022’. We bring to you the Twisto, in3, and Hokodo companies and how they turned out to be one of the leading players in the global BNPL ecosystem.




BillEase offers applications that splits customers’ payments into interest-bearing installments and also offers in-app services such as personal loans, mobile loads, gaming credits, and e-wallet top-ups.


Hokodo is a B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solutions enabling businesses to buy, sell and do more.


in3 offers BNPL to consumers to pay in 3 instalments at 0% interest. At the same time, they take over the potential risks of the webshop.


Mondu is a flexible payment method with net terms, all without the financial and operational headaches often associated with the process.


Twisto is a payment app for the mobile-first era and it enables customers to pay for their online purchases with just one click, deal with invoices by taking a photo of them within the app.